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Director | Filmmaker


Film director and musician Kellen Malloy is a native of the oft ridiculed, yet wonderfully diverse state of Florida. Growing up around a menagerie of mainstream and classic influence, it wasn't until moving to Los Angeles and digging on his own in 2011 that the current tones of Kellen's work can be seen and heard. Founder of video production company and record label YERSELF, he's found a place in a small community of artists he frequently collaborates with in the LA underground.

As a director, Kellen has worked with a multitude of productions, from indie music videos, to more complex experimental short films, to mini-documentary shorts.  He's created music videos for Tolliver, Safe Jazz, Jupiter Black and Eddington Again. On March 24th, 2019 he produced and co-directed a live action / live-streaming musical performance with Tolliver in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

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