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NOTE: There is a 10 second delay between fan stream and the main live stream.

By joining the fan ZOOM you agree to have your video projected into the performance space.

Bedrock LA has offered to match up to $500 of todays proceeds and donations.  Thank you for your support!

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Artist Sponsor

*100% of proceeds and donations go to the performing artist or charity of their choice. 

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  • Kellen Malloy

The Quarantine Music Project was created as a platform for musicians who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  All proceeds go towards the music artist and/or charity of their choice.  Each performance costs between $1-5 and has the option of additional donations.  

*In hopes to try and regain some of the lost connection between the audience  and performer... viewers can join the Fan Stream ZOOM, where they will be projected with other audience members  into the performance space.  

We also provide a multi- camera setup  to each performer  along with  professional  microphones.