100% of all live stream proceeds and donations go directly to the performing artist or the charity of their choice. 

Like many workers in this unprecedented time, thousands of music artists have had their lives put on hold from the Coronavirus pandemic.  Tours, shows and festivals have been canceled for the foreseeable future with no crystal ball to predict how soon this might all end.  


Touring and shows are the number one income for most musicians in the industry today.   According to Billboard Music's 2018 Money Maker report, touring income can account for 72-95% of a touring artists yearly income.  With no widespread vaccine for at least 12-18 months, touring musicians are left with a huge loss as to how they can move forward.

Live streaming in turn has become a popular method for musicians to keep in touch with fans and even earn a living in this un-usual time.  Streams cost between $1-5 to watch with the option for additional donations from those who are able to do so in this difficult time.  

The Musical Distancing Project is an experiment in live streaming music performance.  We hope to create unique ways for musicians and fans to connect over long distances in the wake of social distancing due to Coronavirus.

To do so we' have created the ZOOM based 'Fan Stream.   Where audience members can join a separate stream and be projected into the video space where the artist can see and hear their reactions.

We also created an option where fans can leave video messages for the artist that will play at the end of the stream. 

These are not your typical streams either.  We provide multi-camera video setups, with pro microphones and film lighting in hopes to take the quality of each show a step further.

We've taken all precautions to ensure safe distancing and sterilization to prevent further spread of Coronavirus during the production of these shows.

If your interested in contributing or performing with The Musical Distancing Project.  We'd love to hear from you!

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The Musical Distancing Project is produced by Yerself TV.  As we don't take any of the proceeds of the shows, we would be grateful for any additional donations you'd be able to provide to help keep this show running.


If you'd like to support the continuation of this project follow the link provided below.  We are very grateful for all your support.